The world of x0 is growing!

x0 has gotten mentioned on 3 other blogs!

Please check out author Rebeka Harrington at — besides mentioning my book, she has a lot of other fascinating links and has started a rather intriguing collection of her own work for anyone wanting the REAL story on vampires….

Also I got mentioned at with a blurb about x0.  You may also enjoy this site’s interesting posts from a lady who is most fascinated by paranormal novels involving interracial themes.

Finally, I got to write my own guest blog about the interactive aspects of my book, called  All Things Writing: Guest Blogger–Sherrie Cronin Teaches Us How to Get Interactive!  at

Welcome to the World of x0

Somewhere between fanciful places and the world one knows is the universe of x0, where an ancient organization prefers to stay hidden while seven billion people lead normal lives and seven hundred or so do not. This latter group includes Lola, a Texan geophysicist who doesn’t believe in nonsense, and Somadina, a young Nigerian who thinks her abilities are perfectly normal. These women have at least two important things in common, and they are about to learn how well that will forge a powerful link.

When Somadina’s sister becomes a captive, the young Igbo woman draws upon her power to find an ally.  Across an ocean, an unexpected lay-off and a near fatal accident combine to reintroduce into Lola’s mind a rather disturbing phenomenon. Lola disregards it. Medicates it. Analyzes it. Sips more wine on her porch. However, the changes taking place inside her will not be ignored.

While the rest of the world lives out a perfectly normal 2009, Somadina accepts that her sister has become a strategic pawn in a larger and more dangerous game and that she must get the attention of this kindred, uncooperative lady.

x0 reluctantly emerges from the shadows, because somebody really needs to intervene. Both women are far more powerful than they realize, and to make matters worse, a fringe fanatic may be on the verge of altering a nation’s future.