Music and Telepathy

Whether you are part of the one third of humanity who believes in telepathy, or part of the one in four who has no belief in the paranormal at all, when you enter the world of x0 you are asked to believe in order to enjoy the story.

To that end, the book x0 tells tales of telepathic transmissions that even a skeptic will find familiar.  You’ve heard a song playing in your head all morning. You’re sure you haven’t sung it aloud.  Out of the blue, the guy at the desk next to you starts to whistle it. Was it on the radio earlier?  Did you maybe sing it under your breath after all?  Or ….

The fictitious organization x0 claims that in modern society, popular music seems to have a surprising ability to transmit directly from mind to mind, and is often a person’s most concrete encounter with telepathy.

Several reader’s have shared their own similar stories with me after reading x0. One writes ” My favorite brain/music thing is the old Beatles song, You’ve got to hide your love away.  It was in my head, going round, then I was at a bar with music playing that sublimated the rest of the song, and just Lennon singing “Hey!” kept coming around in delayed, perfect time sequence.  Then I had others doing it.”

Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper is one of main character Lola Zeitman’s all time favorite songs and she frequently hums it while she prospects for oil and gas using the 3D visualization techniques on her computer.  She always thought that the lyrics said “If you’re lost and you look you will find it, time after time ” which made it a great song to prospect by.  It turns out that the lyrics actually say “you will find me.”  But Lola still sings the song in her head and is always surprised and delighted when someone else joins in and begins to hum it as well.   See, hear and buy the song at Cyndi Lauper’s website.  Hear the song on YouTubeBuy the song at

Dynamite and world peace

World peace  ….  that favorite topic of beauty pageant contestants and those attempting a serious drinking toast ….. was also an obsession of the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel.

His personal recipe for world peace was to use part of the fortune he amassed from his invention to present an annual award to the human or humans who had done the most in the past year to make peace happen.  Along the way people as diverse as Mother Teresa, Leo Tolstoy and  Henry Kissinger have been honored. The award is presented every year in Oslo Norway, and a few days ago the author of this blog got to visit the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.

I and the character I created, Lola Zeitman, both share Alfred Nobel’s obsession with the concept of world peace. Lola believes that empathy is the key to getting along, and that if we could all just walk in each others shoes (or feel each others feelings) hatred would be difficult. I like to think that she is right. However, I may be less of an idealist than Lola. Humans are remarkably clever and I fear that even if we all became telepathic tomorrow, we’d still find a way to hate, not to mention figuring out a hundred new ways to manipulate and take advantage of each of other.

I do now know, however, that Norway is a stunningly beautiful country (see waterfall at right), Oslo is a fascinating city (see statue above) and the two exhibits at the Nobel Peace Center during July 2012 were truly moving. I walked away with a few trinket souvenirs, and the belief that if even the man who invented dynamite can reach out for a solution to war, maybe there really is an answer out there somewhere.

Go here for more information on the Nobel Peace Center and here for details on the Nobel Peace Prize.

Seeking Kindred Spirits

Face Painting for World Peace (the official blog of the novel x0) is seeking other indie authors of speculative fiction to feature on this blog.  If you know someone who has written or is writing a novel, whatever the subject matter or style, pass this link along and ask them to contact me. They may be a kindred spirit!