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A belated happy International Day of Peace to you

September 21 each year is the International Day of Peace. In case you missed it also, please join me now in a little bit of belated celebration.  This day is organized by the United Nations and has it’s own website here. Besides organizing activities such as a global moment of silence for peace, the organizers suggest that the we also consider this “a Day of Ceasefire – personal or political” and that we take this opportunity to make peace in our own relationships as well. What a marvelous idea. But how is a personal ceasefire going to make a difference?

The day’s organizers suggest that “There is evidence that our collective consciousness does affect the world around us. There are projects that run random event generators distributed around the world. They show that, as humans become more coherent, it appears that matter does too. What we do as a group of individuals affects the whole. Of course, one day of ceasefire is only the beginning. … By showing that 24 hours of non-violence is within our reach, we set an important example. Peace is possible.”

I’m not sure I follow the physics here about matter becoming more coherent, but I am more than willing to accept that individual behavior influences the world. Forgive others?  Show a little more compassion, more empathy?? Can’t hurt. Might help someone else. Will certainly help you. Even if some of us are three or four days late doing it.

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Sign painting for world peace

Please visit BuzzFeed for more

I was so moved by the post on BuzzFeed called “15 Photos Of Libyans Apologizing To Americans” that I had to repost this message here.  Please check this out. It is always a wonderful moment when our fellow humans stand up to remind us that no one has to let the idiots of this world speak for them.


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Introducing y1’s kindred spirits and “The Cult of Me”

Please visit my other blog for a the start of a new series of kindred spirits, in this case other indie authors who are writing about themes explored in the novel y1. Michael Brookes leads off this series with his fascinating first novel.

Introducing y1’s kindred spirits and “The Cult of Me”.

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Do you think that your pet can read your mind?

Ted the Mind Reading Dog

In order to make the telepathy in the novel x0 more believable and more fun, I sought out real life occurrences that tend to make even the skeptical reconsider. One example discussed by the x0 website is that all pets can receive and read the emotions of their people and no one seems to find this odd or difficult to accept.

Of course, the answer from those who wish to argue the point is that animals merely respond to the way the human is acting.  Stomping ones feet, sighing, turning on every light in the house all give an astute pet the information it needs to judge its companion’s state of mind, no extra-sensory perception needed.

Mention this to many pet owners, however, and you will get more examples than you can handle about the time when Fido or Snowflake or Balthazar picked up on an emotion it could not possibly have observed.

Yahoo once did a quiz asking cat owners what they thought. The mixed and highly opinionated results are here And about a year ago Robert W. Lurz wrote a book called Mindreading Animals that attempted to shed scientific light on the subject.  It starts by asking whether animals are even aware that other creatures have minds and feelings.

Ted, pictured above, lives with my sister and brother-in-law and is an excellent candidate for being a mind reading dog given that he is intelligent and caring.  The only problem with being positive about Ted’s telepathic skills is that whenever he picks up an emotion from a human he likes, Ted’s answer is to the situation is enthusiastic affection. Sad? I’ll lick your face.  Happy?  I’ll lick your face. Wish I’d go away for awhile?  I’ll lick your face. We think Ted receives all of our feelings loud and clear, but it’s hard to be really sure.



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y1 free Sunday Sept. 9

As part of the Kindle Select promotion, y1 will be available Sunday September 9 for absolutely FREE download to any Kindle.

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write about what you do, or what you wish you were doing?

The hero of my first novel, x0, spends her days largely doing what I do. She interprets seismic data for an oil company, loves her husband and three children, plants flowers and loves to travel.  Okay, she also spends a little time reading minds, but basically she and I both have similar lives.  It’s a very nice existence, but it’s not the only one I find appealing.

y1, the second novel in this collection, takes place largely on a sailboat in the Pacific.  Have I been there? Barely. Do I sail? Not really. But I did wake up one morning about twenty years ago filled with a fire to sail around the world. It came out of nowhere and there was no explaining it.  I had to do it. When I wouldn’t stop talking about it, my family finally bought me sailing lessons.  Looked at maps with me.  Agreed that it could happen. Then slowly it became apparent that my husband could think of few things he would rather do less.  He hates being confined on anything, gets seasick, yearns to run around playing any sport involving a ball.  My children were growing up and their wasn’t a budding sailor among them. I had to face the fact that while I could still do this thing, it would be years spent on a solo venture, far removed from all those I loved.

And then I discovered a secret.  That’s what my writing was for. Those of us who create stories are blessed with the chance to enjoy alternate existences that would come at too high a price in our real lives.  Conventional wisdom says that you should write about the things you know. That makes a certain amount of sense.  However, writing a novel takes a tremendous amount of research, thought, planning and plain old day dreaming. Why not use that energy to enter a world you barely know but yearn for? y1 let me learn to sail well, let me hear the sounds of the gulls  and feel the thunk of the waves hitting my boat. I woke to the smell of salt air, ate cold canned goods when I was too tired to cook, studied navigation charts and planned my routes.  It was a wonderful year at sea, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And, just like my hopeful readers who might also enjoy sailing around paradise, I never had to leave my front porch.  That’s is what books are for.


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