Do you think that your pet can read your mind?

Ted the Mind Reading Dog

In order to make the telepathy in the novel x0 more believable and more fun, I sought out real life occurrences that tend to make even the skeptical reconsider. One example discussed by the x0 website is that all pets can receive and read the emotions of their people and no one seems to find this odd or difficult to accept.

Of course, the answer from those who wish to argue the point is that animals merely respond to the way the human is acting.  Stomping ones feet, sighing, turning on every light in the house all give an astute pet the information it needs to judge its companion’s state of mind, no extra-sensory perception needed.

Mention this to many pet owners, however, and you will get more examples than you can handle about the time when Fido or Snowflake or Balthazar picked up on an emotion it could not possibly have observed.

Yahoo once did a quiz asking cat owners what they thought. The mixed and highly opinionated results are here And about a year ago Robert W. Lurz wrote a book called Mindreading Animals that attempted to shed scientific light on the subject.  It starts by asking whether animals are even aware that other creatures have minds and feelings.

Ted, pictured above, lives with my sister and brother-in-law and is an excellent candidate for being a mind reading dog given that he is intelligent and caring.  The only problem with being positive about Ted’s telepathic skills is that whenever he picks up an emotion from a human he likes, Ted’s answer is to the situation is enthusiastic affection. Sad? I’ll lick your face.  Happy?  I’ll lick your face. Wish I’d go away for awhile?  I’ll lick your face. We think Ted receives all of our feelings loud and clear, but it’s hard to be really sure.



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