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What if?

What if you could do far more than you realize?  What if you could do things that others would consider z2 cover impossible?

The collection of books called 46. Ascending asks this question as five very different members of a family each discover that they respond to danger by developing skills that appear to defy logic. The next novel in the collection will be released on Amazon in late January.

Meet Alex Zeitman.  An injury ended his hopeful basketball career decades ago and today he coaches, teaches physics, and parents three talented quirky children alongside his rather odd wife Lola. His country school has a long history with organized hate groups and a sad tradition of bigotry, and the recent influx of Latino immigrants has brought out new intolerance. But when the administration itself looks like it wants to turn the clock backwards to an era of white supremacy, Alex can no longer sit idle.

Then an old friend from his own high school days reappears along with an ancient Mayan mystery that Alex can help solve, and suddenly Alex has his hands full. The past and present  intertwine as both sets of issues force Alex to come to terms with the time altering talents that he thought that he left behind years ago on a basketball court.  As he and his family find themselves in danger, Alex struggles to regain his unique relationship with time before legacies from long ago  harm those he loves, and before his own era loses a rare opportunity to bridge the past and the future.


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Home for the Holidays

In the climax of x0, as my newly telepathic hero Lola speeds around the world trying to outrun an evil man, there feastis a part of her that is still also trying to get home in time for Christmas dinner with her family. For all that she has transitioned into becoming a sort of super hero, she is still very much human.

Today, I am lucky to celebrate my own Christmas holiday with those I love the most, and as we start in with the chaos of making a feast, I recognize this time as well worth cherishing. Whatever your traditions or your situation, I wish you your own celebrations in the year ahead, and may they be filled with the warmth of time spent with those that bring the most joy into your life.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and may your days be filled with hope, with joy and with peace.


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Enter on Goodreads to win a free paperback copy

Winners anywhere get a paperback book mailed right to their door. Click on the flag of Nigeria below to enter


Nigerian Flag

(The Flag of Nigeria was first officially hoisted on October 1, 1960. The two green bands represent the forests and abundant natural wealth of Nigeria while the white band represents peace.)

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Guns for World Peace?

My father was an avid gun collector and a mildly enthusiastic hunter. I got to traipse along on an occasional pheasant hunt myself, and under his careful supervision I shot the hell out of a some hapless aluminum cans as a child. My main character in x0, Lola, shares a similar background with guns and (like me) she owns a small handgun for protection and I support that right. Mine sits in a drawer. She almost had to use hers. However…..

knotted gunThe right to own a hunting rifle or a gun for protection is not infringed upon by reasonable laws forbidding me from owning semi-automatic weapons. There simply is no law-abiding need for that kind of destructive firepower. I do not get to own Ebola cultures.  Small nuclear weapons.  Nerve gas. Land mines. My own tanks. Someone please explain to me why some otherwise rational gun owners explode into fury at the thought that some types of guns just do not belong in the hands of the general public?

Nor are my rights infringed upon by always requiring background checks and waiting periods. (I’m looking at you, gun shows.) In fact, my safety and the safety of all of us is increased by demanding such.

The gun owners in my immediate family have all slowly dropped out of the NRA, one by one becoming disillusioned with that organizations zealous refusal to support legislation that sensible gun owners favor. With every new tragedy, the NRA says this is no time to talk about gun control. For heaven’s sake.  When is there a better time?

The above sculpture, usually referred to as the Knotted Gun, is actually titled ‘Non-violence’, and I first admired it in a visit to New York in 2003. It stands outside the UN building and was presented as a gift from Luxembourg. It points the way toward a world of peace that we all yearn for, my gun toting relatives included. Until such a time as we do have world peace, however, reasonable people may wish to own one. But now would be a very good time to get over the idea that his means that they can own any kind of gun, any number of guns, and that they can get those as fast and as easily as they would like.

Guns are dangerous. People are dangerous. The combination is deadly. That’s what my dad taught me in western Kansas before he ever let me shoot. Isn’t it time we all agreed that society has the right to regulate and monitor that which so clearly can result in so much tragic loss of lives?

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Watching the clock for world peace?

121212Today, I was fascinated by the charm of 12/12/12. Yes, I know full well that it was a day like any other and the the modern western calendar in common usage is arbitrary. But there was still something about it ….  and others apparently fell victim to the same harmless foolishness as they got married in groups of twelve, held parties for twelve-year-olds born on this day and even induced labor to give Junior a special birthday.

My hero of x0, Lola, wants to encourage face painting for world peace, and in the spirit of her desire I have blogged about paintings for world peace, music for world peace and, well, just world peace. Why?  Lola starts the book out as a natural empath and, before the novel x0 is over, she becomes a strong telepath who discovers that as her connection with humanity grows, her tolerance for violence decreases.

2012-12-12So, I was especially delighted to learn that a group outside of Tokyo took the exact time of 12:12 pm today to hold a get- together to pray for world peace.  REUTERS reported that it was billed as a “light meeting” with twelve seconds after 12:12 pm holding special significance. Great idea?  Of course it was.

And an organization called celebrate 121212 pushed for a world day of interconnectedness. What a fine idea, and not just for fictional telepaths. Please check out their website here. Surely we can’t ever find too many reasons for trying to get along better.

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Doing a little publicity for 46. Ascending

What do you think? Any suggestions? I’m pretty excited about the the new z2 cover.

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It’s a real book!

x0_sw final little

Click to see

Gulp. This writing thing just got more real for me as today x0 became available in paperback.  Check it out here. It’s 328 actual paper pages. It even comes with free shipping. Just like any other real stuff you order. How cool is that?

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