Watching the clock for world peace?

121212Today, I was fascinated by the charm of 12/12/12. Yes, I know full well that it was a day like any other and the the modern western calendar in common usage is arbitrary. But there was still something about it ….  and others apparently fell victim to the same harmless foolishness as they got married in groups of twelve, held parties for twelve-year-olds born on this day and even induced labor to give Junior a special birthday.

My hero of x0, Lola, wants to encourage face painting for world peace, and in the spirit of her desire I have blogged about paintings for world peace, music for world peace and, well, just world peace. Why?  Lola starts the book out as a natural empath and, before the novel x0 is over, she becomes a strong telepath who discovers that as her connection with humanity grows, her tolerance for violence decreases.

2012-12-12So, I was especially delighted to learn that a group outside of Tokyo took the exact time of 12:12 pm today to hold a get- together to pray for world peace.  REUTERS reported that it was billed as a “light meeting” with twelve seconds after 12:12 pm holding special significance. Great idea?  Of course it was.

And an organization called celebrate 121212 pushed for a world day of interconnectedness. What a fine idea, and not just for fictional telepaths. Please check out their website here. Surely we can’t ever find too many reasons for trying to get along better.

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