Wow — I made a top 10 of 2012!

Wahoo  — here’s one thing I can check off of my personal bucket list!new year

Shedrick Pittman-Hassett  is a writer, blogger, librarian and book reviewer par excellence and was kind enough to review x0 way back in May of 2012 on his blog Serial Distractions.  He just came out with his personal “Top Distractions of 2012” and — yes — x0 by Sherrie Cronin came in at 10 of 10.  (Hey, that is still making the list :). )

For nine other great reviews and nine additional interesting reading recommendations, please check out his blog here. And have yourself a wonderful New Year’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Wow — I made a top 10 of 2012!

  1. That’s amazing Sherrie! Kevin has been
    Updating me about your books!! You’ve done a wonderful job.

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