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Searching for world peace …..

Metta World Peacevisit his blog at

Metta World Peace
visit his blog at

I spend a lot of time searching the internet for information for my blogs and my books, and one subject I search on often is “world peace”. The idea fascinates me, and I devote much of this blog to the concept. And every single time I search, what do I find?

That’s right, I find World Peace. Metta World Peace to be specific, player for the Lakers formerly known as Ron Artest, and perhaps best known for his role in brawl with the Detroit Pistons in 2004.  Who is this guy? And why does he keep getting in my way?

With basketball everywhere right now (yes I do know it is college, and Metta plays professionally) it seemed like the right time to learn more about this nemesis who keeps fouling up my searches.So I searched on him.

Well ….. He’s more than another rough player who makes a lot of money. He’s also the father of four, and he donates much of his money to causes, especially those aimed at helping high risk students and supporting mental health. He doesn’t just play basketball, he plays it well and is having an impressive career.  He he speaks his mind, also raps, and just released a new single “Get Like Me.” (I listened and thought it was interesting  but I’m really not part of the right demographic. If you like rap it might be great.)

He legally changed his name in September 2011 hoping to inspire youth and he chose Metta as his first name because it is a Buddhist word for loving kindness. He is described in the media as eccentric and outspoken, but frankly I’d call this man something of an idealist. An odd one, and hardly a perfect human, but upon some reflection I’ve decided that anyone who would actually change their name to World Peace is a kindred spirit. I’ve decided to stop groaning every he shows up in my searches, and to become a Lakers fan instead. Go World Peace!


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Conversations in the Abyss

The book sounds every bit as cool as its title.  Please check out an interview with the author on my z2 blog at Conversations in the Abyss.

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Normal people

Am I normal? Apparently not …..  check out why on my post on my z2 blog here at Normal people.

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Ads for world peace

Yes, the point of an ad is to sell you something. And yes, it is probably something you don’t need. Yet given that ads are part of our world, no question I do prefer those that at least appeal to the better in each of us. As for those that hawk their product by suggesting that we annoy others and make fun of each other even more cruelly? Eh, I didn’t need what they were selling anyway.

beerAds in this latter category are everywhere. For a while the Miller Lite commercials that used attractive but slightly tough looking women to insult the masculinity of guys who dressed or acted a little different was at the top of my “you’ve got to be kidding” list. Fine, no Miller Lite at my house. I like foreign beers better anyway. For more on this particularly offensive ad campaign, check out a great post on a blog called BitchMedia here.

Last night I was puzzled as I watched an ad for Netflex in which people kept annoying others by throwing out spoilers for movies their companions had not yet seen. Oh what fun. Let me spoil another movie for you.

peace signThe other extreme, of course, are ads that appeal to the greatness in each of us. Yes it was syrupy, but if you are old enough to remember seeing a 1971 TV ad with a bunch of teenagers from the world over standing on a hill together singing “I’d like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony” I bet you liked it the first time you saw it.  Come on, you know you did. Probably the first several times. And if you didn’t see the original, check it out here. It’s very 70’s, but you will probably still like it.

Yes, yes I know quite well that Coca Cola is bad for your teeth, your bones and your stomach.  It has caffeine, used to have cocaine, and is filled with high fructose corn syrup.  We should all drink water instead.

But guess what their latest ad campaign focuses on?  These people are really stuck on world peace. Looks like Coca Cola is now designing vending machines that will allow a purchaser to wave hello to buyers in other countries. Particularly in countries they don’t get along well with. Clearly this is going to require some real time filtering to keep the idiots from mooning each other, but the idea has hope. It might even give hope. See more about this at Advertising Age here.

Consumers need to be wary and informed. And they need to drink water, mostly. But every once in awhile we all get to indulge ourselves. I pick my treats using lots of different criteria but I confess that if I’m going to drink a beer, you know what product it won’t be. And if it’s going to be soda — I’m buying from the world peace guys.

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Free today!

z2 best to date Dec 28 one quarterFree today!. Get it here.


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Becoming more emphathic

My hero Lola is a highly emphatic person who finds that, in her fictional world, her empathy is a pathway to telepathy. In the reality in which you and I live (we do live in the same reality, right?) empathy may only be a pathway to becoming a happier and kinder human. That’s enough incentive for me.

red-shoesBut how does one become more empathic? Consider checking out this article on Six Habits of Highly Empathic People by Roman Krznaric. There are real things one can do. My personal favorite? Experiential empathy.  Walk a mile, or ten, in another person’s shoes and discover just how hard it is to criticize, much less hate. Of course, if the shoes look like these, it may also be hard for some of us even to walk…..

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Seeing as how you’re going to have a little wire running into your brain anyway ….

One of the problems of writing speculative fiction, I suppose, is that reality has a way of getting weirder than the stuff you make up. So I’m going on about how amazing telepathy would be and how it would work ……. and then ….

glasses1. My son sends me this link to check out google glass …. a technology he describes as both fascinating and frightening.  No question he has a point.  In the end, why bother with the glasses? He may be squeamish about having an implant in his head someday, but I bet that the generation that comes after him by and large won’t be. More entertainment and information faster, brighter and better?  I think we’ve already proved as a species how we respond to that.

2. My news feed (yes I embrace all this better brighter information too, although I think in the end I do refuse the implant) just threw up a story in Science about lab rats who have successfully had their brains wired together.  What one rats learns can be transmitted by direct wire to the other.  Turns out that the other rat listens better if he gets a treat for doing so (big surprise) but basically they can communicate pretty well with what the researchers call a BTBI (brain to brain interface).

ratNot a big step to set these rats up with little wireless transmitters, is it? Then they can walk around talking to each other like all those obnoxious people in the grocery store checking in with their wives to see if they should get 1% or 2% milk.  Only there are no vocal chords involved. One rat learns something and sends it straight to the others brain  It’s like …. it’s like …. yes folks, we have telepathy.  If we’re lucky, it can use the same implant that’s giving us that wonderful feed from Google.

At least the dairy aisle in the grocery store will be a little quieter. It could be an improvement over cell phones.


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