Ranked number one!

number 1Excuse the childlike excitement here, but c3 has achieved a milestone for me and I’m having trouble sitting still long enough to type about it. I’m just finishing my first Kindle Select giveaway for my new book, and it has managed to hit number one in its subcategory of metaphysical fiction. It even made it well into the top 100 for all genre fiction (beating out a LOT of erotica) and as high as 58 for all science fiction and fantasy.

I am truly excited about this new book which I believe manages to expand my overall story of a family with subtle, believable superpowers while still offering a unique and exciting plot. It also furthers my tale of how these heroes work together to make a better world.

As of midnight tonight, c3 is no longer free on Amazon, but it’s incredibly cheap, with a lot of thrills for just $2.99. You can pick it up here.

7 thoughts on “Ranked number one!

    • Thanks so very much Christi! I am so looking forward to reading about your new life in Hawaii — I am sure that you will continue to have adventures that will inspire all of us. Please keep sharing!

    • Thanks so much. I’m like many writers in that I struggle with marketing, and a post like this feels so unnatural. But if that is what it takes (sigh). Anyway — I appreciate that you took the time to comment. Like your blog — honest about writing — and wish you both joy in your creations too!

    • It’s horrible having to market, hey. I share those feels. I’m not looking forward to asking people to buy my book. It’s why I’m trying to contribute to the blogging community, review/buy other author’s work before asking any favors.

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