The Way I’ll Survive the U.S. Election Season

Every once in awhile I stumble across something I like so well that I just have to re-post it. Thanks go out today to Mundane Spirituality for this effort to inject more peace into our politics. Well done.

Mundane Spirituality

I have a friend with differing political beliefs, and we like to talk about a range of issues where we differ. He loves animals and wants to ensure their protection; I like animals, too, but am more passionate about human rights. He has strong feelings about healthcare reform; I have strong feelings about education. We disagree on how best to promote individual and national safety.

In spite of these differences of opinions over policies and potentialities, my friend and I love our conversations. He noted that, while we sometimes have completely opposite opinions, we listen to each other, understand each other’s point of view, and don’t treat the other like an idiot for thinking differently.

So that’s my goal this political season in the U.S. – to listen to people, to hear and understand their point of view and why they hold their opinion, and not demonize them for holding a different opinion than me…

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