Seeking your thoughts on world peace

I will soon be publishing a book of essays on world peace, and I am seeking YOUR thoughts on the subject. If you would like to contribute an short essay (approximately one to five thousand words) please contact my character Lola.Zeitman at her gmail account or ask me for more info here. Any thoughts expressed with an open heart and good intentions will receive serious consideration for inclusion. Pieces with unique perspectives or unusual ideas are most likely to be used.


The book will be published electronically in about 4 weeks on Amazon and Smashwords. It will be sold for ninety-nine cents but there will be several promotional giveaways, so no significant profits are anticipated. Half of any proceeds that are received will go to the humanitarian organization “Doctor’s Without Borders.”

tshirtAll essayists will retain the full rights to their own work but must grant me permission to use their words in this publication. Writers of all pieces that are accepted for inclusion will receive full credit for their work in the book, as well as a “Telepaths for World Peace” t-shirt in a size of their choosing, and the chance to use their essay as the cornerstone for a guest post on this blog. I hope to hear from many of you. If the world ever needed our ideas on this subject, it is now.

7 thoughts on “Seeking your thoughts on world peace

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  2. Peace is not just absence of war or fights or arguments. But according to me peace reflects in every feel of a person which makes him calm and happy, in every thought which results in integrity of relations and inturn results in progress, in every action which shows care of every soul, in every habit which forms the structure of society, in every word which makes the world bloom.
    So peace is not just about NO WAR rather peace is a way of life.

    • Thank you Jagruti Gandani. You offer a wise perspective and I appreciate your comments. May I have your permission to use them in the short ebook I am putting together? I will be happy to attribute them to you by name, or to refer to you as an anonymous blogger, which ever you prefer. Please let me know.

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