Meet the Characters

Because this novel has many characters with unfamiliar names, it contains a list of characters located at the end. In the electronic version of One of One, there is a live link to this list in the Table of Contents.

Alphabetical List of Characters

Alex: Lola’s husband
Amaka: Somadina’s mother
Ariel: Lola’s second child
Azuka: Somadina’s husband
Bob: team leader at Lola’s new job
Chika: another girl from Somadina’s village
Chuck: Lola’s first boss
Djimon: a Yoruba man who marries Somadina’s sister
Dr. Hayes: Lola’s physician
Dr. Walker: a psychologist who treats Lola for PTSD
Gregg: Lola’s brother-in-law
Harold: a private detective
Ibrahim: a gardener in Lagos
Ikenna: Somadina’s father
Jumoke: an operations engineer in Lagos and Lola’s co-worker
Ken: a teacher at Alex’s school and Lola’s canoeing companion
Kwemto: Somadina’s one-year-old son
Lola Zeitman: a geophysicist from Texas who does not believe in metaphysical nonsense
Mairo: Djimon’s first wife, a Fulani from Northern Nigeria
Maurice: an eighty-four-year-old telepath from West Texas
Nwanyibuife (Nwanyi): Somadina’s sister
Obialo: Somadina’s oldest half-brother
Okocha: a young Nigerian geologist who works with Lola in the Houston office
Olumiji: a Nigerian telepath
Sara: Ken’s wife and Lola’s canoeing companion
Shawna: Teddie’s friend from grade school
Somadina: a Nigerian telepath seeking her sister
Summer: Lola’s younger sister
Teddie: Lola’s youngest child
Tom: a helpful telepath from London
Udo: Somadina’s half brother who is especially good with computers
Zane: Lola’s oldest child

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