I love to read and to research, and all my novels began with my devouring fact and fiction on subject matters that interested me. I am grateful for both the internet sources and the written materials that helped me write One of One.
One of One began as a book titled x0 which was interactive in the sense that all electronic versions of it contained up to a few links per chapter which took the reader to music, photos or short news items or articles that were intended to enhance to the story.
Links to music are given on a separate page called Music. Links to photos and information on Nigeria, where much of this story takes place, can be found on the page called Nigeria.
This page contains information on the remaining sixteen links that I thought would most enhance the reader’s experience. Some are followed by an excerpt from the book to provide context. I hope you enjoy exploring them as much as I did.
URLs are being monitored periodically to ensure that they remain live. If you discover that a link is broken kindly contact the author at Readers are encouraged to support the referenced artists, news outlets and web sites referred to in this book. Please know that it is my intent to be accurate, respectful of all cultures, and open-minded about various points of view. If I have fallen short, it is regretted. Inclusion of a source below in no way implies that source’s endorsement of my novel.

Chapter 1.,,306121,00.html

In the introduction we meet young Lola. It is 1986 and she is a newly-hired geophysicist expecting her first child. She is not fond of everyone associated with the oil business. Get a quick glimpse of her world of the 80’s as she complains about the Beach Boys being banished by Interior Secretary James Watt. Hey, even Nancy Reagan was mad about this!

Lola considered herself mature at twenty-six, good at meeting life’s basic responsibilities such as showing up to work on time. Today, the rules included dressing better than usual to make a presentation. Unfortunately, dressing better had become more difficult as the pregnancy advanced. Today’s other presenters would be all male, of course, most of them also hired over the last few years, fresh out of school with their shiny new master’s degrees and brought here to fill the oil industry’s sudden burgeoning need for geoscientists.

Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior James Watt had made many a bad decision, in Lola’s opinion, including banning the Beach Boys from performing in the D.C. mall. But even though his social conservatism and apparent disregard for the environment made him one of Lola’s least favorite cabinet members ever, his decision three years ago to open up virtually all offshore federal waters to drilling had personally affected Lola in ways that politics seldom did.

Lola had originally seen herself researching earthquakes, or maybe in the best of all worlds becoming an expert on the geophysics of other planets. Then the oil companies had come to campus, dangling riches as they scrambled for new hires who could interpret the massive amounts of seismic data they were acquiring to compete for the “billion acres” James Watt bragged that he had just made available to them. She and Alex were newly married, very broke, and wanted children before too long. Just a few years could get the debts paid off. The other planets could wait.

Chapter 2. World Health Organization on maternal mortality

Chapter 3. Slave trade: a root of contemporary African Crisis By Tunde Obadina (Director of Africa Business Information Services)

Chapter 4.

Chapter 6.

Chapter 7.

Chapter 9.

Chapter 11.

Chapter 13. for “How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth” by Carl Haub, chair of Population Information at the Population Reference Bureau.



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