The book One of One is work of fiction.  However, where news items, statistics and cultural information were included, it was intended that they be accurate. Please enjoy the following printed and internet sources which were used for general information and background material on Nigeria.

Printed Materials Available Online:

The Economist Pocket World in Figures, 2011 Edition. Published by Profile Books Ltd.

The Igbo of Southeast Nigeria by Victor C. Uchendu from Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology published by Harcourt Brace Jonanovich College Publishers, 1965

The Nigerian Legal System by Charles Mwalimu published by Peter Lang Pub Inc (August 30, 2010)  published by Peter Lang Pub Inc (August 30, 2010)

Introduction to Igbo Medicine and Culture in Nigeria by Dr. Patrick E. Iroegbu published by publishing, 2010

Half of a Yellow Sun  A Novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie published by Anchor Books, 2006 (author’s note: this work of fiction by an Igbo author provided general background on Igbo history and culture, but is also highly recommended for those just wishing to read a fine book, and particularly for those wishing to read truly authentic fiction about Nigeria)

Internet Materials:

NIGERIA: Geography, History and General Information and for information on the Fulani  and for information on Ebonyi, the state where Somadina lives for information on the current Sultan of Sokoto for Slave trade: A Root of Contemporary African Crisis By Tunde Obadina (Director of Africa Business Information Services) for information on traffic in Lagos

Nigerian Weddings, Foods and Customs and for more about Nigerian food and for wedding customs for MARRIAGE AMONG THE IGBO OF NIGERIA by Celestine A: Obi (Taken from unpublished doctoral thesis submitted to Pontifical Urban University, Rome (1970) by Celestine Obi)

Nigerian Local Religion

Nigerian Health

Nigerian Heroes for Bill Kovarik’s blog on Remembering Ken Saro-Wiwa,, and,_Fela/Biography/ for information on the life and music of Fela for information on the life and achievements of Dan Fodio of Sokoto (Founder of the Sokoto Caliphate in northern Nigeria) and on other African rulers as well for information on scholar and poet Nana Asma’u

The Nigerian National Youth Service Corps for a discussion of problems associated with the NYSC

News on the Oil Industry in Nigeria for “Risky toughness: The army’s tough approach to Delta militants could end up uniting them” from the Sep 18th 2008 | Lagos | print edition of The Economist for “Who are Nigeria’s Mend oil militants?” By Caroline Duffield BBC News, Lagos BBC News Africa Mobil Edition October 4 2010 for Will amnesty bring peace to Niger Delta? By Caroline Duffield BBC News, Niger Delta Monday, 5 October 2009 for “Shell should end Nigeria ‘abuse” Tuesday, 30 June 2009 for “Nigeria militant group MEND does not exist any more: former leaders” from Lagos Feb 25, 2011 for “NIGERIA: Shell may pull out of Niger Delta after 17 die in boat raid” by Daniel Howden, The Independent (UK) January 17th, 2006 for information on the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation for “History of Oil Exploration and Production in Nigeria” posted on Nigerian oil and gas industry information website for Oil in Nigeria – Curse or Blessing? by Jane Whaley, Associate Editor GeoExPro Dec. 15, 2008

Nigerian Names

CHILDBIRTH IN NIGERIA for Making Child Birth Safer in Nigeria By Dr. Abdullahi Dahiru for Some Harmful Traditional Birth Practices In Northern Nigeria By Dr. Abdullahi Dahiru for a discussion of WHY 53,000 NIGERIAN WOMEN DIE ANNUALLY DURING CHILDBIRTH begun March 15, 2009


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