May 2014 bring peace, joy and hope to all!

Please enjoy this collage of my favorite images of peace from the past year.

Best of Peace

Thanks and credit to (from upper left, clockwise) 1. Robert J.R. Graham’s website 2. 3. 4. Peace and Harmony by Lauren Voiers 5. Shutterstock 6. Artist saleire at Red Bubble 7. Hippie Peace Freaks Facebook Page 8. Original art by Laura Barbosa 9. Peaceful World by Peace Simon

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The look of peace ….

I am once again in search of images that convey the idea of peace. Interesting ways to assemble the peace sign work well, and this tumbler page for #peace has many of them,

Click for hashtagpeace

Click for hashtagpeace

Doves are a favorite also, and I found this version with doves and olive branches especially appealing.

Click to visit Robert Graham' site

Click to visit Robert Graham’ site

Finally take a look at this beautiful mural. It is from a fascinating website listing many examples of peace monuments using the symbols of hands & handshakes

Click for more

Click for more

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