write about what you do, or what you wish you were doing?

The hero of my first novel, x0, spends her days largely doing what I do. She interprets seismic data for an oil company, loves her husband and three children, plants flowers and loves to travel.  Okay, she also spends a little time reading minds, but basically she and I both have similar lives.  It’s a very nice existence, but it’s not the only one I find appealing.

y1, the second novel in this collection, takes place largely on a sailboat in the Pacific.  Have I been there? Barely. Do I sail? Not really. But I did wake up one morning about twenty years ago filled with a fire to sail around the world. It came out of nowhere and there was no explaining it.  I had to do it. When I wouldn’t stop talking about it, my family finally bought me sailing lessons.  Looked at maps with me.  Agreed that it could happen. Then slowly it became apparent that my husband could think of few things he would rather do less.  He hates being confined on anything, gets seasick, yearns to run around playing any sport involving a ball.  My children were growing up and their wasn’t a budding sailor among them. I had to face the fact that while I could still do this thing, it would be years spent on a solo venture, far removed from all those I loved.

And then I discovered a secret.  That’s what my writing was for. Those of us who create stories are blessed with the chance to enjoy alternate existences that would come at too high a price in our real lives.  Conventional wisdom says that you should write about the things you know. That makes a certain amount of sense.  However, writing a novel takes a tremendous amount of research, thought, planning and plain old day dreaming. Why not use that energy to enter a world you barely know but yearn for? y1 let me learn to sail well, let me hear the sounds of the gulls  and feel the thunk of the waves hitting my boat. I woke to the smell of salt air, ate cold canned goods when I was too tired to cook, studied navigation charts and planned my routes.  It was a wonderful year at sea, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And, just like my hopeful readers who might also enjoy sailing around paradise, I never had to leave my front porch.  That’s is what books are for.

y1 is on its way!

The second interactive novel in this series, y1, has just come back from my exceptional editor/copy editor and is now undergoing the process of tweaking and massaging.  In a week or two it will be headed off to the trio of highly adept and insightful friends who have taken on the task of guiding this series as part of their pro bono contribution to life.  Then it is on track to be available at amazon.com and at smashwords.com by the end of summer 2012.

Also, the domain name for the y1 website/blog has just been purchased and construction there will begin shortly. Meanwhile, check here and on Lola’s Facebook page for y1 updates.

A short preview follows:

Imagey1, fire dancing for fun and profit, tells of the adventures of twenty-four year old Zane Zeitman as he comes to terms with his first real job at Penthes Pharmaceuticals and with all the secrets he finds hidden behind the company’s calm corporate facade.  Of course, it is hard to concentrate on work what with all the fire dancing and yachts sailing around the South Pacific, not to mention the odd shape changing that Zane’s own body seems to do more easily all the time.

And just when he thought real life couldn’t get any stranger,  there is the additional problem of becoming a murder suspect…..